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Royal Gold Kings Mix 3 cu. ft.

Royal Gold Kings Mix 3 cu. ft.

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Kings Mix, by Royal Gold, is your plant-in bag solution for light deprivation, greenhouse, indoor, and outdoor gardens of any type. Born out of a need for simplicity in application and functionality. Kings Mix is a well-aerated, moderately amended coco and peat blend. As Royal Gold’s first product to include peat moss, this mix will appeal equally to traditional peat gardeners of all styles, the coco curious, as well as die-hard coco fanatics.  Featuring coco chips (croutons) to balance aeration with lingering water retention, this mix is intended to dry quickly and accept immediate feeding.

With a light amendment charge, Kings Mix has everything you need to sustain your plants for about 1-2 weeks.  You can also begin a wide range of feeding programs right out of the bag.

Due to the well-aerated nature of the Kings Mix, it’s the perfect medium for slow drying, coastal and high elevation, spring and/or fall plantings or other cool weather applications. With all these properties, the Kings Mix also excels at encouraging root development for the propagation of seeds and starts and is an ideal choice for developing starts into vigorous, bloom ready plants.

Kings Mix is available in 1.76 cubic foot bags, and also in 3 cubic foot plant-in bags (about 19 gallons).  We also offer bulk quantities in 2 yard totes. Royal Gold’s Kings Mix is your choice for premium soil in a fast, ready to use format. 

INGREDIENTS:  25-35% coco fiber, perlite, aged forest products, sphagnum peat moss, coco chips, fish bone meal, basalt, bat guano, dolomite (PH adjuster) feather meal, kelp meal, gypsum.

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