Mad Farmer Root It Cloning Gel, 2 oz

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Mad Farmer Root It is a powerful cloning gel for use in the propagation of new plants from a mother plant. The thick, water based gel sticks to the fresh cutting, sealing the site of the cut to reduce the risk of an air bubble or “embolism”. Root It delivers essential hormones to promote the rapid development of vigorous, healthy roots. It also provides vitamins that help to minimize the amount of shock experienced by the plant. No dyes are added to mask the natural golden honey color of the product. The wide lid durable container keeps the gel fresh and ready for use.

*Root It is made with food grade gelatin and contains no animal products.

*Note: Root It is formulated without the use of dyes. It is normal for Root It to slightly darken with age. This is natural and will not decrease the efficacy of this product.